Beginning with Space Radiation 7 our software is delivered electronically. We no longer ship CDs or other media. Our shipment contains a programmed hardware key (dongle). Please notify us by email upon receipt of the dongle. We will send by return email a link to the software package.


We have taken a number of steps to verify the integrity and authenticity of your software download. We have complete confidence that these steps ensure you are receiving the product that we shipped.

  • We provide a secure, signed link to our bucket on Amazon Web Services, an internationally recognized cloud services provider.
  • The Space Radiation installer is embedded in an encrypted self-extractor. You will receive the unique key to unlock the installer in our email.
  • The entire assembly is hashed and a checksum is provided in our email. The checksum verifies that no bits have been lost during transfer.
Space Radiation self-extractor before installation


  • Run the self-extracting executable that you download from our site.
  • Cut-and-paste the key and checksum from our email into the window.
  • Press install and go through the standard installation steps.
  • If you need Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, the installer will offer to install it.
  • When completed, the self-extractor window appears as shown on the right.
Space Radiation self-extractor after installation


  • Place the hardware key (dongle) in a USB port. Wait for the key to be recognized. Windows will automatically install any port drivers (No download or access to the Internet is required.)
  • You may launch Space Radiation immediately by pressing the launch button on the self-extractor or you may exit the self-extractor and launch Space Radiation by clicking on the desktop icon.
  • The startup screen should look something like the image on the right.
Space Radiation first-time startup

In Case of Problems...

If it didn't work for you, try these things.

  • Verify that you have copied the correct key and checksum into the self-extractor. If you didn't, you will get a window something like the image on the right.
  • Make sure that .NET 4 (Full Installation) is installed. You can check this by opening "Programs and Features" in Control Panel.
  • Make sure Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable is installed. You can check this by opening "Programs and Features" in Control Panel.
  • Make sure the dongle is in the USB port and has been recognized by Windows. Usually you will get some promising system sounds when the connection is made.
  • If you aren't able to resolve the problem, please reply to our email with a description of the problem.
Space Radiation self-extractor after error