Space Radiation 7

We are pleased to announce the release of Space Radiation 7 effective immediately. Space Radiation 7 consists of an extraordinary set of improvements that qualitatively enhance your experience and accelerate your workflow. These changes come with our guarantee that existing technology will be preserved as new capabilities are added. Existing legacy functionality is retained for backward-compatibility as new features strengthen our product. Some of the most important changes are outlined in the following paragraphs.

The token window offers a new, faster way to interact with Space Radiation. Tokens display in graphical form the arrangement of computations and dependencies in your Space Radiation projects. Most file activities are now accomplished with a single mouse click. Of course, you may close the token window and revert to the original interface anytime.

Major new graphics features allow you to clearly visualize results and more easily communicate them to others. A completely new contour plotting capability allows you to display world wide graphical displays of many environment features. Orbital animation now allows you to view orbits in rotating and non-rotating coordinates. Settings boxes have more features and are much easier to find.

Conversion of the user-interface to the C#/.NET platform offers vast improvements in security, stability, and maintainability. Closer adherence to Microsoft Windows interface standards makes working with features such as file locations, user account control functionality, and basic editing functions more predictable. The new interface provides native support of Unicode and long filenames which is extended to all legacy code as well.

We encourage you to explore our new video section for more information about Space Radiation 7 capabilities and enhancements.